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Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

May the Year of the Tiger bring you joy and happiness, good times with friends and family, and professional success!

Best Wishes from

The Ascendent Capital Team

ACP is grateful for being well-positioned to make a difference in the lives of children. Following Ascendent Chinese New Year tradition, we organised a children’s Chinese New Year art competition with our partner, BE Education.

It was a pleasure to see young primary school students creating beautiful pieces combining modern and traditional elements, showcasing a wide range of styles. The paintings with their burst of rainbow colors and enthusiasm for the festive season have brought good cheer to our team across Shanghai and Hong Kong.

We were very impressed by the quality of the works, and hope that through this competition, we provide an opportunity for artistic exploration and creativity.

Here is a showcase of our team’s favorite pieces. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

First place: Kayden Tang of Class 5B

A sweet depiction of a loveable smiling tiger, full of joy, bringing good luck to welcome the new year.

Second Place: Katrina Tang of Class 6H

A mature and elegant tiger, gazing resolutely into a golden sunrise. The well-placed foliage and classical cloud patterns add depth and perspective.

Tied Third Place: Chloris Wan of Class 3H

A cute, lively tiger bringing good fortune to all. Particularly detailed work on the daffodils, a classic New Year flower cultivated since the Tang dynasty.

Tied Third Place: Hallie Chang of Class 2T

A lively depiction of the happiest parts of Chinese New Year for children: red packets and unlimited candy and sweets, presented in an 8-compartment lacquer box.

Honorable mentions:

Adrian Chiu of Class 3H has created an action-filled tiger dancing among firecracker confetti.

Daniel Lo of Class 3V draws a detailed piece of glittering celebration studded with peach blossom flowers.

Which is your favorite?

May the Year of the Tiger bring you joy and happiness, great times with friends and family, and professional success!


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