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Ascendent Closes One Billion Dollar Third Fund

Ascendent Capital Partners (“ACP” or the “Firm”), a leading private equity firm focused on Greater China investment opportunities, has closed its third fund, Ascendent Capital Partners III, L.P. (“ACP Fund III” or the “Fund”), with US$1,025 million in commitments.

ACP Fund III will continue the firm’s investment strategy of sourcing high quality proprietary deals through building longstanding relationships with business owners and entrepreneurs, providing advice, insight, and solution capital in the select situations. The Firm has proven its ability to generate value in portfolio companies by working closely with their senior and working teams to improve operations, refine strategy, and enhance governance. Since inception, the ACP team has been able to bring measurable impact on all of these fronts in both significant minority as well as control buyout opportunities. Consistent with predecessor funds, the Fund’s core focus areas will include consumer, healthcare, education, and advanced manufacturing. Having demonstrated success across economic cycles with completing the full investment cycle with portfolio companies in all of these sectors, the Firm is confident in its ability to generate sustainable returns for the new Fund.

Through the team’s focus on downside protection, the Firm’s proven track record of generating strong cash returns for investors has been well received by investors. The Fund received strong backing from a diverse group of new and existing global investors, including public and corporate pensions, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, and other institutional investors. The ACP team is investing US$30 million of capital in the Fund alongside investors.

About Ascendent Capital Partners

Ascendent Capital Partners is a private equity investment management firm focused on Greater China-related investment opportunities, managing over USD 2 billion in assets for global institutional investors. ACP has successfully led and executed a large number of innovative and ground breaking private equity investments in China, generating strong risk-adjusted returns for investors and value growth for our portfolio companies. ACP has established a consistent track record in providing advice and solution capital to entrepreneurs and business owners in the region, building long-lasting relationships through in-depth collaboration. For addition information about ACP, please visit ACP’s website at

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