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Suzhou Yongding Hospital Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

On September 8 2017, Ascendent Capital's portfolio company Yongding Hospital celebrated its 10th anniversary and the grand opening of its Phase 2 building. Close to 100 representatives from the local government, Ascendent Capital, Jiangsu Etern Group, Shanghai Renji Medical Group and several first class tertiary hospitals in Shanghai and Suzhou joined the celebration.

Suzhou Yongding hospital occupies close to 100-mu land with a total GFA of 70,000 square meters. It is a grade two integrated general hospital with the scale of a tertiary hospital. Over the past ten years, Yongding hospital treated over 3.5 million patients, outpatient number reached 150,000, and conducted close to 30,000 operations. The Phase 2 facility will double the number of ward beds from 500 to 1,000, which will significantly enhance the service capability of the hospital. Through healthcare service and departmental development cooperation with a number of tertiary hospitals in Suzhou and Shanghai, Yongding hospital continues to introduce premium medical resource, enhance services quality, create more comfortable and a professional hospital environment to the local community.

Ascendent Capital has been an investor in Suzhou Yongding hospital since 2014. The Ascendent team has been actively participating in the management and operations of the hospital, introduced high quality external healthcare resources, enhanced internal service quality, and strived to continue the healthy and sustainable development of the hospital. Over the past three years, in addition to strengthening the cooperation with existing tertiary hospital partners, Ascendent Capital also orchestrated the introduction of high quality healthcare resources from other leading tertiary hospitals, and furthered the development of several key departments. Since Ascendent's investment, the hospital has invested over RMB50 million in the purchase of advanced medical facility and equipment, and an additional RMB100 million was also invested for the construction of the Phase 2 facility and the upgrade of the existing building. Concurrently, the building of the hospital's professional team was also emphasized, and the number of senior medical personnel has increased by over 30% since Ascendent's investment.

About Ascendent

Ascendent Capital Partners is a private equity investment management firm focused on Greater China-related investment opportunities, managing capital for globally renowned institutional investors including sovereign wealth funds, endowments, pensions, and foundations.

The founding partners and senior members have accumulated extensive investment and management experiences working with leading international financial institutions. They have successfully led and executed a large number of innovative and groundbreaking private equity investments and capital market advisory transactions in China and globally, and have established long-lasting relationship and in-depth collaboration with a large number of entrepreneurs in the region.


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