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ACP Volunteering | Exploring Architecture and History with Sunflower Kids

24th February 2021

Ascendent Capital has a long-term commitment to supporting a number of charitable and philanthropic causes. The ACP team recently supported a volunteering event with Sunflower Kids. Sunflower Kids is a not-for-profit organization, focused on supporting the children of migrant workers. Migrant children are defined as children aged below 14, who migrate away from their hometowns with their parents to cities for periods of longer than six months, and do not have a hukou for that city. Without a local hukou, migrant children face difficulties in securing school places, healthcare, and other support available to local residents. Most migrant children give up on their studies after graduating from junior high school.

Sunflower Kids offers activities and courses to migrant children, with the aim of helping them acquire skills and exposure, and gain more confidence to face the future. Sunflower Kids has service classrooms in the districts of Jing'an, Minxing, Hongkou, offering activities including Go chess, piano, mouth organ, guitar, choir, dance, English, arts & crafts, amongst others.

This spring, the ACP team joined Sunflower teachers on “The Concession Areas - Exploring Wu Kang Road”, spending one day with the children to learn about the history of the concession area and see the changes through different architectural styles.

On a beautiful sunny morning, the ACP team arrived at Sunflower's classroom, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the children. Under the tutelage of volunteer teachers, all the children (and our team!) listened intently and learnt about the history and architecture of The Bund, Suzhou River, the British Concession, and the French concession. The Shikumen style of Shanghai historic townhouses combines Western and Chinese elements, with distinctive stone arch entrances, long alleyways and inner courtyards.

The children listen carefully to volunteer teachers, sketching out a route map for Wu Kang Road in preparation for the outing during the afternoon.

In the afternoon, we took the children by underground to the historic area of Wu Kang Road in Shanghai. We completed a variety of tasks related to the themes of history and architecture, including interviewing tourists, residences, shop owners, finding former residences of famous historical figures, notable buildings, and exploring little-known corners.

We are very pleased that the ACP team committed time and effort to prepare for and lead this educational outing, and were able to bring the children outside of the classroom to experience the impact of architecture in person. We wish the very best to each child, and look forward to providing more for their development.

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