Notice regarding commencement of tender offer for named common stock of China Food Packaging Incorporation Limited

CAN SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS LIMITED hereby announces its tender offer for the common stock of China Food Packaging Incorporation Limited between May 15, 2013 and June 11, 2013 (25 days). 

■ Target of Tender Offer: Named Common Stock of China Food Packaging Incorporation Limited (“CFP”, “Target Company”)

■ Tender Offeror: Can Solutions Holding Limited

■ Tender Offer Period: May 15, 2013 ~ June 11, 2013 (25days)

■ Tender Offer Price: KRW 4,500 per share

■ Expected Tender Offer Shares: 10,983,700 shares

■Tender Offer Agent: Samsung Securities Co., Ltd.

■Public Disclosure of Tender Offer Statement and Tender Offer Prospectus

(1) Electronic form:    FSS Electronic Notice System:

Korea Exchange Electronic Notice System:

(2) Paper Form:          Samsung Securities Co., Ltd., main office, branch offices:  

■ Place of Tender Offer Subscription: Main office and branch offices of Samsung Securities Co., Ltd.(“Samsung”),

The purpose of this Tender Offer is for the Tender Offeror to acquire at maximum 10,983,700 shares (54.92% of total number of issued common shares) and with the Largest Shareholder voluntarily delisting Target Company from the stock exchange by obtaining necessary approvals through procedures and methods allowed by law.  

The Tender Offeror and the Largest Shareholder plan on taking necessary measures to voluntarily delist Target Company shares by receiving the approval, if necessary, of the relevant authorities of Korea and Hong Kong, as swiftly as possible, if after the Tender Offer, the percentage of shares owned by the Tender Offeror and the Largest Shareholder is sufficient for delisting purposes.  Furthermore, the Tender Offeror is planning to acquire as many minority shares as possible pursuant to the most appropriate minority share acquisition methods permissible under Hong Kong law, the law under which the Target Company was established.  


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